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Atziri, Queen of the Vaal is one of the end-game bosses in Path of Exile. This boss has a complex set of moves and isn’t easy to defeat.

Path Of Exile Atziri Queen of the Vaal

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal is one of the endgame bosses in Path of Exile. She appears in “The Apex of Sacrifice” and “The Alluring Abyss”. She can also be encountered in the “Temple of Atzoatl” in the Throne of Atziri. She is one of the toughest bosses in the game, having 3 phases to deal with.

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Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

The fighting mechanics of Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in both the “The Apex of Sacrifice” fight and “The Alluring Abyss” fight is Path of Exile are the same. However, she is much more difficult to deal with in the latter fight.

In the “The Apex of Sacrifice” you will face her at level 70, she will be summoning enemies to assist her in later phases which can be annoying to deal with but are no real threat. In “The Alluring Abyss”, you will face the boss at level 80 and her minion would be way stronger than the previous encounter. They will have double the damage and the life bar, making the fight a real pain in the ass.

I’ll be discussing “The Apex of Sacrifice” here, but the general strategy for both fights is the same, with the exception that, in “The Alluring Abyss” you have to proceed with extra caution.

General overview

Some of the strengths of POE Atziri, Queen of the Vaal are that she does not get enraged and she is immune to elemental damage. Additionally, she also cannot be stunned or knocked back. She also reflects curses back upon you; so, don’t use curses or take the flasks of the suffix “of Warding” with you to remove all the curses from you and grant you temporary curse immunity.

First phase

During the first phase she will make use of:

Spear Throw

  • – Deals X% of Damage
  • 150% increased Projectile Speed
  • Applies Bleeding on Hit
  • 20% reduced Bleed duration

This is an arc of multiple spears thrown at the player. The damage in “The Apex of Sacrifice” isn’t that great, but avoiding it nevertheless is a better option. Sidestepping theses is a better option to avoid these.


  • – Deals 1893 to 2839 Fire Damage
  • 110% more Spell Damage for each stage

During the Flameblast a growing circle appears on the ground. Keep an eye out for it and avoid it by running outside the circle. It deals quite significant damage. You can use Ruby flask to lessen the effects of the move.

Empowered Flameblast

  • Deals 1893 to 2839 Fire Damage
  • 110% more Spell Damage for each stage
  • Damage Penetrates 10% Fire Resistance

This is similar to the regular Flameblast, dealing the same fire and spell damage. However, during this attack there will be 2 circles meaning that if you are inside both the circles, you will be eating twice the damage; so, this will insta-kill most of the players. Also, keep in mind that for a single player there will be 2 circles; however, the number of circles will increase as there are more players in the arena. So, for 2 players there will be 3 flameblasts and for 3 players there will be 4 flameblasts. The area of the AOE will also be greater compared to the previous iteration. Use the same technique to avoid there, by running outside the circles.

Storm Call

  • Deals 7319 to 21958 Lightning Damage
  • Base duration is 3 seconds

This attack summons a chain of randomly placed storm calls dealing lightning damage. Each storm call is marked with a circle and explodes after 3 seconds of being deployed. Since the delay after the attack is plenty, you can avoid these with much ease, by running around.

Empowered Storm Call

  • Deals 10813 to 32438 Lightning Damage
  • Base duration is 2.5 seconds

Similar to the regular storm call, however, the delay is reduced to 2.5 seconds instead of 3 and the damage is also more devastating; this attack will instantly kill most of the players, however a topaz flask might keep you alive. These storms are represented by much brighter yellow circles and can swarm the arena very fast. To avoid these, again run around avoiding the circles.

Second Phase

At the start of the second phase of Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in POE, she shields herself, preventing her from taking any damage. During this phase she summons her minions who will not attack you, but approach Aztiri instead. You have to kill because the minions can heal Aztiri if they reach her, so, prevent that from happening. Best way to deal with these, is to stand as close to Aztiri as possible and use area of effect to take out the minions all around her. This phase is also a good time to refill flasks, regenerating life and energy shield as there is no one out to get you during this phase. After her minions stop spawning, she will return to her first phase.

Third Phase

During the third phase Aztiri will split into 4 copies of her selves. This phase occurs 3 times during the battle; first, when her health drops to 75%, then when her health drops to 50% and finally, when her health drops to 25%. During this phase, you will have to defeat any one of the four copies, this will revert her back to phase 1.

During phase 3, there are 4 types of Aztiri copies that can be summoned.

One holds a spear in her hand that fires a single projectile at the player; dealing bleeding damage over time.

  • One has fire on her hand and casts a single Flameblast on top of the player’s current location.
  • One has lightning on her hand and casts a chain of randomly placed Storm Call.
  • One has a mirror and reflects 100% of physical and elemental damage taken. Attacking this copy with direct damage is consequently fatal and only an option for characters that deal indirect or pure chaos damage.

All of these copies appear in a random pattern; so, you will have to determine which one is which by observing their attacks.


Expected reward from “The Apex of Sacrifice”;

  • Atziri’s Promise
  • Atziri’s Step
  • Doryani’s Catalyst
  • Doryani’s Invitation
  • Mortal Grief
  • Mortal Hope
  • Mortal Rage
  • Mortal Ignorance
  • Sacrificial Garb

Rewards from “The Alluring Abyss”

  • Atziri’s Acuity
  • Atziri’s Disfavour
  • The Vertex – Atziri’s Splendour

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