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Amulets And Talismans

Amulets and Talismans are accessories in Path of Exile that grant bonuses to Players. Talismans, however, are more powerful than Amulets.


Quiver is an accessory in Path of Exile with each Quiver granting unique bonuses and abilities to players to get an advantage in combat.


Boots is one of the armor pieces that Players can equip in Path of Exile. It not only provides protection from damage but also other stat bonuses.


Currency plays an important role in Path of Exile as it allows players to improve their equipment. There are different types of currencies in POE.


Belts are basically accessories which you can wear and get bonuses from them. Most of the modifiers which can be put on belts give defensive bonuses.


Glove is an armor piece divided into Armor, Evasion, Energy Shield and their hybrids. Here is the complete list gloves with detailed stats.