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Chaos Orb is part of the Path of Exile currency system. This particular POE Currency allows players to roll random modifiers on rare equipment.

Path of Exile Chaos Orb

Currency plays an improtant part in Path of Exile and Chaos Orb is one of the currencuies in the game. Chaos Orb can be used to roll random modifiers again on a rare piece of equipment.

Chaos Orb

  • Stack Size: 10
  • A rare item is forged again with random new modifiers.
  • Apply this by right-clicking this item and then leftclicking a rare item.
  • Unstack using Shift click.


  • Level: 12
  • Purchase Costs: Normal     (3x Orb of Alchemy)
  • Sell Price: 1x Scroll Fragment


  • Item class: Stackable Currency
  • Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Currency/CurrencyRerollRare

How To Obtain

These chaos orbs are dropped by slain monsters, chests, destructible containers, Arcanist’s Strongboxes because these are uncommon currency items.

Vendor Recipes

Following Full Set Rare vendor recipes can help us get these orbs.

Result Level of lowest-level item
1x Chaos Orb 60 to 74
2x Chaos Orb 60 to 74, all unidentified OR all 20% quality
3x Chaos Orb 60 to 74, all unidentified AND all 20% quality

Item Acquisition

Upgrade paths for chaos orbs

The following table explains the upgrade path for Chaos Orb Currency in Path of Exile.

Amount Ingredient General Notes
20 Chaos Shard N/A
8 The Wrath 10x Chaos Orb
1 Chaotic Disposition 5x Chaos Orb
7 Three Faces in the Dark 3x Chaos Orb
8 Rain of Chaos 1x Chaos Orb
5 Emperor’s Luck 5x currency (random)

How to Spend Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile can be spent on crafting items because of their ability to reroll all the modifiers on every rare item. Getting a specified modifier is very difficult so this helps you get results you don’t expect. “Chaos Spamming” is a method which means using more than one chaos orbs on a item in the hope of getting a good modifier. These orbs are considered the silver standard for trading and can be used to buy mid to low tier items.

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