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Path of Exile features a robust crafting system allows players to create their own equipment. Here is everything regarding POE Crafting.

Path of Exile Crafting

Crafting in Path of Exile is a process of upgrading or creating something by scratch, however, to do so you’ll have to give some valuables in return such as orbs, currency, etc. Moreover, during this process modifiers are sometimes are added and sometimes removed.

In Path of Exile, the in-game currency is preferably used while crafting as it is considered more cost-efficient. Sometimes it’s better to trade with other players instead of crafting an item from scratch, however, you should only craft high-level items once you are at a decent level. Crafting is an expensive and time-consuming process but once completed can provide a lot of benefits.

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Crafting Techniques

In POE, you have the liberty to choose between different crafting technique’s, some require a low number of orbs, while some require a lot of orbs.

Basic techniques

  • Quite cheap upgrades which do not ask for too much orbs/currencies, but still you get a decent upgrade.
  • This upgrade would require an Orb of Transmutation which should be placed on a white (Normal/Common) to upgrade it to a magic item.
  • Now you’ll have to use an Orb of Chance on a white item to get either magic, special version of the item.

Advanced crafting techniques

Always remember to never change the modifiers together at once, instead they should be changed separately as this method is considered more reliable. 

Chaos Orb crafting: after aching an item, you can use chaos orbs until you get the mods you require. However, you can also use Scour + Alch together to get the same effect. The Systematic Alt/Regal/Exalt Method: An excellent method if you want to get a certain type of mod.

  • First of all, you’ll need a white item
  • After which you’ll have to use the Orb of Transmutation
  • Keep on pressing Orbs of Alteration until you receive the two mods you desire.
  • Then use the Regal Orb. If you’d roll a mod you don’t want, reset the item and start over at step one.
  • You can also use three Exalted Orbs. (If you accidently role an unwanted mod, you can reset the item with the Eternal Orb.)
  • To alter the mod values, you could use the blessed/divine orbs.

Master crafting

You could craft a special modifier using the bench available in your hideout, however, crafting needs recipes, which can through master content, or even in different areas of the map.  Master crafting involving life or resistances are not expensive at all, therefore can be crafted easily, without any need of a large number of resources. Master mod if added to an item, it will block similar type items, therefore removing it temporarily from the pool, this blockage is a very useful technique, that helps you get the mod you require.

Meta-crafting modifiers

This is unlike the previous crafting technique as this is somewhat more advanced and requires interaction or connection between meta-crafting mods and orb of scouring.

On one hand if you look at the Orbs description, it says that it will reset the properties of an item, however, the modifier is protected by a meta-crafting mod which will not let the orbs removing anything, Because of this protection, modifiers stay intact, therefore no modifier loss. Combining multiple meta-crafting mods through “Can have multiple Crafted Mods’ can allow you to take even more control over your item.

Modifier Cost Location of the recipe
Spellcraft (1)Exalted Orb The Plaguemaw V
 Weaponcraft (5) Blessed Orb The Feral Lord V
Prefixes (2) Exalted Orb Unbearable Whispers V
Suffixed (2) Exalted Orb The Unbreathing Queen V
 Crafting (2) Exalted Orb The Pale Court

Suffix or Prefix Wipe

Once you have received the Affix you required, later to protect this affix you could place a meta crafting mode called Prefixes/Suffixes Cannot Be Changed.

If for instance, the result is not up to the mark during this type of crafting, you could always boost the prefix and restart the whole process again, this restarting of the process would only help if you are trying isolate 2 or 3 affixes.  If you are dealing with only 1 affix, then the most efficient way of doing work should be to spam Orbs of Alteration but on a white item only.

Single Mod Magic Item

Some crafting techniques may require a magic item, having one type of affix, while the remaining one affix slot should be empty.  To make this possible you’ll need to craft a master mod onto a white item, therefore turning it into a magic item.  This can be used on any mod; however, you should make sure that it’s not the same affix type as required. After which you’ll require Regal Orb, this process is hard as it requires many repetitions as it needs to be reset as a wrong mod spawn.

Increase 3 Level Weapon Crafting

Using the masters’ meta-crafting mods players can relatively cheaply create bows and staves with +3 to level of Socketed Bow Gems or +3 to level of Socketed Fire/Cold/Lightning Gems.[2] In this example we’ll craft a bow:

Begin using the base bow which is preferred having an item level of 64 at least.

Always use Orbs of Alteration along with Orbs of Augmentation till the Sharpshooter’s prefix (level increases by 2) and a suffix which is totally random gets rolled.

Next use a Regal Orb for the 2nd suffix. If everything doesn’t go as planned restart the process.

Craft a mod called “Cannot Roll Attack” in exchange of one Exalted Orb.

Moreover, use a boosted Orb for a sure Paragon’s prefix (level increases by 1) Next Eliminate the meta-crafting mod.

The item can be finished according to the player’s desire.

However, when crafting a staff with +3 to the level of Socketed Fire / Cold / Lightning Gems you’ll require a different approach.

  • Select the base you prefer, staff with an item of level 55 at least.
  • Using the method above, craft into a single rare mod, using the “The Lava Caller’s prefix”,


  • Can sustain multiple Crafted Mods
  • Cannot roll the Caster Mods
  • Cannot roll Attack Mods, meta-crafting mods.
  • Master craft +x to Max Mana.
  • Craft the sue Paragon’s prefix (increase of 1 to socketed gems) by using an Exalted Orb.
  • Eliminate the master-crafted mods. Boost/master craft the affixes remaining

Cheap Off-Color Crafting

By using this procedure, you’ll be able to craft more easily.

For example, you want an Armor Helmet having three blue sockets and one red socket.

  • Begin by placing the item onto the Bench used for crafting.
  • Craft 2 Sockets, then craft 2 Blue Sockets at least. This will create and item having 2 blue sockets
  • Craft 3 Sockets (adding a random third color) monitor the color, if the third socket has an un-wanted color, craft Two Sockets (therefore eliminating the third socket) and then craft Three Sockets again. Repeat this step until you get an item with only three blue sockets.
  • In this last step, you’ll have to perform the same procedure done before, however, now with Four Sockets and Three Sockets. You’ll have to first craft Four Sockets and monitor the color. If your item has three blue sockets and one red socket then your work is done; if that doesn’t happen, then craft Three Sockets and then craft Four Sockets again. You’ll have to repeat his process again until you get the desired result.


While using a Vaal Orb, it is sometimes possible to make an item better than before, however, this process has its own risks of losing important stats or links/sockets. Once corrupted the item can’t be modified again

Vendor recipes

Crafting in the future can become totally different as a certain type of modifiers are being introduced in POE, which could potentially help make the crafting more controlled.

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