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Path of Exile Hideouts are safe places that players can visit to get away from the chaos. Hideouts can be decorated with over 750 items.

Path of Exile Hideouts

Path of Exile Hideouts are special places where you can take refuge in order to stay away from threats around you, in other words it’s your temporary home or a safe house. In Path of Exile you can find and design new hideouts, decorate them with items you have bought through special funds/points.

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Invite your companions to your hideouts. You can use command /hideout to visit your hideout. However, before entering a hideout in POE check for monsters that could be nearby. Moreover, you are also allowed to visit your companions’ hideouts, you’ll just have to click his/her name and select Visit Hideout.

Decoration Items

Decorations can make the hideout even more appealing to stay in, therefore you procure up to 750 products from masters nearby your hideout or settled in towns, who let you purchase their products using special points.

Editing Menu

  • move an object by dragging it or by pressing the arrow keys.
  • rotate an object by dragging between the two circles or by pressing Shift+R.
  • rotate an object to exactly 90° using buttons such as CTRL+R/CTRL+ALT+R.
  • flip an object by using F.
  • change the variation of a decoration by use the mouse wheel button or you can also press Page Up/Page Down buttons.
  • Recover an object by, selecting and pressing Delete.

Common Tile sets

Hideout Located in
Backstreet Hideout Arcade Map
Baleful Hideout The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)
Battle-scarred Hideout Promenade Map
Cartographer’s Hideout The Templar Laboratory
Coastal Hideout Atoll Map
Coral Hideout The Cavern of Anger (Act 6)
Desert Hideout The Oasis
Enlightened Hideout Academy Map
Excavated Hideout The Crystal Veins
Immaculate Hideout Ivory Temple Map
Lush Hideout The Dread Thicket (Act 2)
Luxurious Hideout The Bath House
Skeletal Hideout The Ossuary (Act 10)
Stately Hideout Oriath Square, The Ruined Square
Undercity Hideout The Sewers
Unearthed Hideout Graveyard Map

Rare Tile sets

Hideout Located in
Alpine Hideout Summit Map
Arboreal Hideout Terrace Map
Brutal Hideout Tower Map
Celestial Hideout The Shaper’s Realm
Divided Hideout The Twilight Temple
Glacial Hideout Iceberg Map
Haunted Hideout Haunted Mansion Map
Overgrown Hideout Orchard Map
Robber’s Trench Hideout Dig Map
Sanguine Hideout Crimson Temple Map
Sunken Hideout Sunken City Map

MTX Tile sets

  • Sunspire Hideout
  • Doomguard Hideout
  • Shaped Hideout

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