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Path Of Exile Kaom’s Heart is an armor that grants special perks to Players like max life increase. Basically, it’s a variant of Glorious plate.

Path Of Exile Kaom's Heart

In Path Of Exile, Kaom’s Heart is a Body Armor piece that comes with some special perks. It’s basically a rare variant of the Glorious plate that greatly boosts your total life and allows you to do even more fire damage.

Kaom’s Heart

The following is everything regarding the POE Kaom’s Heart: how to acquire it and the requirements to equip this armor.

Requirements and Attributes

You have to be at least Lv. 68, with 191 Strength to equip Kaom’s Heart  

Equipping Kaom’s Heart is Path of Exile will give you a 20-40% increase in the Fire Damage you can deal and will also increase your max life by 500. The plate also has a legacy variant that increases your max life by 1000. However, combining it a Divine Orb will not give you increased Fire Damage.

Acquiring Kaom’s Heart

This item is a regular drop so just loot it by taking down enemies or exploring. You can also find it in the unique strongbox known as Kaom’s Cache. POE Kaom’s Heart can be acquired through the following vendor recipes and upgrade paths.

  • The Body
  • The King’s Heart
  • Jack in the Box
  • Arrogance of the Vaal
  • Pride Before the Fall
  • Kaom’s Heart

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