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Masters are unique NPCs in Path of Exile which give players unique quests and unique rewards for completing the said quests.

Path of Exile Masters

Masters are NPCs in the Path of Exile which offer you a unique mission to complete and get rewards in return.

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There are five Masters in POE, each spawn in Wraeclast. Just visit them to get the unique quests. The Following are all of five Masters, their locations and the unique quests that you can complete for rewards.

Einhar, Beastmaster

Locations: Oriath, Riverways, the Menagerie, Forest Encampment.

Quests: Einhar’s Hunt, Einhar’s Menagerie.

Einhar Frey, the Beastmaster is the one that introduces you to the Beastiary Leagues guiding you about beast hunting and using nets to capture beasts. Being a Master of Beasts and a major NPC, he will assist you in capturing the beasts without directly engaging with them in battle or fighting alongside you.

He specializes in ranged attacks and uses throwable bombs and nets from a distance. He has the ability of life leech that increases his health whenever he inflicts some damage upon an enemy or kills one.


You will find Einhar in zones that have a number of special beasts in them, indicated by the red and yellow icons on the map. Einhar will capture the beat and take it to the Menagerie once you have defeated it.

The yellow icons on the map indicate a medium difficult beast as the red indicates a beast of hard difficulty. The yellow ones have 1 beast mod and the red one has 2 which will come to use in beast crafting in the Menagerie. Following the marker on the map, get to the beasts and damage them significantly until nearly drained. Upon this, Einhar will appear and net the beast as they cannot be killed, he will the take them to the Menagerie.

To level up Einhar, you have capture a number of beasts in each level of the game mounting up to the amount of 160 beasts up till level 7. And each time you have to capture a different one as those captured before do not count. To can check in the Beastiary tab in Achievements panel to see which beasts you have captured before.

Niko, Master of the Depths

Locations: Oriath, Highgate (Act 4 & 9), Azurite Mine.

Quests: Niko’s Explosives, Niko’s Fuel, Niko’s Mine.

Niko is a major NPC in Path of Exile as well as the Master of the Depths. He will introduce you to the Delves Leagues and help you in collecting from the mine, sell Fossils and Resonators for Azurites and appear in the mines when collecting Voltaxic Sulphite. This will be used to power the crawler to delve deeper into the mines.

To level up Niko, you have to go deeper into the mines, as much as 200 up till level 7.

Alva, Master Explorer

Locations: Bridge Encampment, Oriath.

Quests: No Time Like the Present.

Alva Valai is the master explorer in POE and the NPC that grants you access to the incursions after act 7. And after you have completed enough incursions, she will also guide you to the Temple of Atzoatl.


Incursion as more precisely Temporal Incursions are blasts to the past. These are short visits to the past, made accessible by portals created by Alva Valai. These will take you to the incursion rooms which will be three per zone.

During the Incursion Leagues, you will get only one incursion per zone as allowed by Alva. After having completed 11 incursions, Alva will open a portal giving you access to the Temple of Atzoatl for looting and plundering.

To level her up, you need to explore as much room as possible. The number can be up to 70 rooms with every ten room in each level through 2 to 7. There are three types of rooms namely, T1, T2 and T3. Exploring a room means entering it and searching for rewards and exploring a T3 room is equivalent of exploring 3 rooms.

Jun, Veiled Master

Locations: The Mudflats, The Oasis, The Coast, Oriath.

Quests: The Immortal Syndicate.

Jun Ortoi is one of the major NPCs in Path of Exile that tasks you to find the members of the Immortal Syndicate. She is the one dressed in an Arabish attire with two curved daggers and a veil over her face.


Jun will assist you in finding and eliminating the Syndicate members that are spread over the map in each zone. There are three different locations of syndicate activity in each zone which you have to uncover and ambush.

There are four ways of encountering the Immortal Syndicate members depending upon where you engage with them or intercept their movement. The following are the aforementioned situations:

  • Fortification:  Here the syndicate will be fortified inside a building which you have to penetrate in order to kill them. There will be heavy fire power inside along with healing totems that will heal the syndicate members. The enemies will also respawn continuously until you enter the next syndicate position upon which they will despawn.
  • Transportation:  You will encounter the while transporting their cargo from one location to another within which time you have to disable their transport and eliminate the members. If they make it to their destination, the mission fails.
  • Research:  This will be a laboratory of the Immortal Syndicate where research is conducted. You have to eliminate the members while only damaging a limited amount of research material and evidence.
  • Intervention:  In this situation, the syndicate will ambush you on a certain location and try to kill you. In order to succeed, you have to survive the ambush.

To level up Jun, you have to defeat the Immortal Syndicate.

Zana, Master Cartographer

Locations: The Shaper’s Realm, Temporal Laboratory.

Quests:  From Nightmare into Dream, Brave New World, The Hidden Architect, The Memory Eater, Sanity’s Requiem, The Eldritch Decay.

In POE Zana the Master Cartographer plays a pivotal role in the war between the Shaper and the Elder. She will allow you to explore the map through a device in a hideout Being the last master, her quests revolve around the end-game storyline and the ending map.


Zana will appear after Act 10 and offer you different maps each associated to a certain mission. Each will entail a reward upon completion but some might be unidentified or corrupted; these won’t offer any rewards.

These missions may object you to:

  • Find Lodestones
  • A Map
  • Unique items
  • Divination Card
  • Vaal Fragment.
  • Kill Corrupted Monster. These are tentacle monster whose death counter is shown on map.
  • Rogue Exiles. Will be 4 or 5 and must all be killed. If more add while you are on it, kill them too.
  • Invasion Boss. Will be on the map.
  • Beyond Boss. Marked on the mini map.
  • Harbinger
  • Warband

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