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Belts are basically accessories which you can wear and get bonuses from them. Most of the modifiers which can be put on belts give defensive bonuses.

Bows is one of the weapon types in Path of Exile. It’s a weapon of choice for those players who like ranged combat and here is everything Bows in POE.

Glove is an armor piece divided into Armor, Evasion, Energy Shield and their hybrids. Here is the complete list gloves with detailed stats.

Shields are offhand equipment designed to protect players from incoming enemy damage in Path of Exile. Each shield is unique in its attributes and stats.

Path Of Exile Map fragments are items that can be utilized for opening portals to different high-level sectors in a map device.

Path of Exile Hideouts are safe places that players can visit to get away from the chaos. Hideouts can be decorated with over 750 items.

Claws if weapon items class. Players favoring dexterity and intelligence builds might prefer to use one of these Unique Claws in Path of Exile.

This list of Unique Wands in Path of Exile is for the players who want to add some special abilities to their magic build

One Hand Axes is one of the main weapon types on Path of Exile and are divided into unique and standard. Here are all of the unique one Hand Axes in POE.

Unique armor pieces are a rare find. Here we will be listing down each and every unique Glove available in Path of Exile with detailed stats.