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Players gain access to the four labyrinths after completing every Trial of Ascendancy

Path of Exile Ascendancy Trials

There are four labyrinth locations in Path of Exile that can be accessed after finishing a total of 18 Ascendancy Trials at their appropriate locations. Here we will provide the locations of each Labyrinth as well as details about accessing them and Ascendency Trials that you need to complete in POE.

Trial of Ascendancy

The Labyrinth is a unique dungeon that contains the Altar of Ascendancy. It’s filled with puzzles, traps, monsters, and a boss fight. The boss Izaro must be defeated in three separate battles as he stands guard.

Due to a lack of waypoints or checkpoints, you must finish the Labyrinth in one attempt or else you’ll have run the Labyrinth from the start upon death.

Finishing it will award you the Altar of Ascendancy so that you can select and ascend into your characters’ Ascendency class of choice along with two Ascendancy Points.

The remaining three Labyrinth difficulties, once you reach the altar, you’ll be granted two more Ascendancy Points.

Ascendancy Class

A rich selection of Passive Skills is available to all classes. Each class has three Ascendancy Class options.

The Scion has only one Ascendancy Class but takes small snippets from all the other classes. You can’t spend regular Passive Points in your chosen Ascendancy, but Ascendancy Points can be used on Ascendancy Passives.

The sole way to select one of the Ascendancy and collect points is to complete the labyrinth located in the Sarn Encampment Act 3.


There are six main trap types in the trials:

Spike TrapsSpikes emerge via a timer or pressure plate marked by a small green circle in the center of the trap.

SawbladesRun along a predetermined linear path and then reverse themselves back from the end of its path. Levers can turn them off.

Spinning BladesThey follow a set path and reverse. Can be turned off with levers and switches.

Furnace TrapsDeal fire damage at 25% of life per second.

Blade SentriesCircular blades that deal more damage the closer you are to the center of the Sentry.

Dart TrapFires darts on a timer or when a pressure plate is triggered. These slow player movements.

The Normal Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials

You gain access to the Normal Labyrinth following the completion of the 6 the Normal Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials in Path of Exile.

Trial of Piercing TruthLocation: Act 1, the Lower Prison | Trial Dangers: Spike Traps

To avoid being caught in the spikes, use a Quicksilver flask or movement ability.

Trial of Swirling FearLocation: Act 2, the Crypt Level 1 | Trial Dangers: Spinning Blades

Use a Quicksilver Flask or movement ability if you want to avoid taking damage from the blades.

Trial of Crippling GriefLocation: Act 2, the Chamber of Sins Level 2 | Trial Dangers: Sawblades

Use flexible movement skill.

Trial of Burning RageLocation: Act 3, the Crematorium | Trial Dangers: Furnace Traps

It’s pretty easy to get past this. However, if you lose a lot of health, just kill skeletons to get more.

Trial of Lingering PainLocation: Act 3, the Catacombs | Trial Dangers: Bladed Sentries

Use good movement skill or Quicksilver to avoid damage at all costs since these do more damage than other traps. Use a Granite Flask to escape the center of the Sentry in case you find yourself stuck there.

Trial of Stinging DoubtLocation: Act 3, the Imperial Gardens | Trial Dangers: Poison Dart Traps

If you are hit, use a Flask of Curing to remove the poison effect and movement speed slow debuff. These are relatively easy to dodge though.

The Cruel Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials Location

Completing the previous set of trials leads you to the Cruel Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials in POE.

Trial of Piercing TruthLocation: Act 6, the Prison | Trial Dangers: Spike Traps

As always, use a Quicksilver Flask or movement skills.

Trial of Swirling FearLocation: Act 7, the Crypt | Trial Dangers: Spinning Blades

Keep an eye out for levers and switches to turn the blades off.

Trial of Crippling GriefLocation: Act 7, Chamber of Sins Level 2 | Trial Dangers: Saw Blades

Keep a Granite Flask handy in case the blades get you.

The Merciless Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials Location

Finishing the Cruel Labyrinth and three Merciless Ascendancy Trials Trials in POE will grant you access to this.

Trial of Burning RageLocation: Act 8, the Bath House | Trial Dangers: Furnace Traps

Move across the furnace quickly while avoiding traps as the lava gets closer.

Trial of Lingering PainLocation: Act 9, the Tunnel | Trial Dangers: Blade Sentries

Trial of Stinging DoubtLocation: Act 10, the Ossuary | Trial Dangers: Poison Dart Traps

The Uber Labyrinth Ascendancy Trials Locations

Completing the Merciless Labyrinth unlocks the following six trials that can only spawn from maps and so their locations are random:

  • Trial of Crippling Grief: Sawblades
  • Trial of Piercing Truth: Spike Traps
  • Trial of Swirling Fear: Blade Sentries
  • Trial of Burning Rage: Furnace Traps
  • Trial of Lingering Pain: Blade Sentries
  • Trial of Stinging Doubt: Poison Dart Traps


Head to Aspirants’ Plaza from Act 3, click on the Labyrinth activation device, and it will mark all the completed trials with green circles.

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